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Playmobil Dragons Christmas

Roaring from the skies above Hebden Bridge, Silly Billy’s is happy to stock all the scaly, scary monsters from the Playmobil Dragon’s range:
As well as all the small dragon gift bags at £9.99 RRP previously described here we have in stock:

Playmobil Dragons 5479 Great Asian Dragon Castle at £99.99
Playmobil Dragons 5480 Secret Dragon Fort
Playmobil Dragons 5481 Dragon Battle Ship
Playmobil Dragons 5482 Giant Battle Dragon with LED Fire
Playmobil Dragons 5483 Flame Dragon
Playmobil Dragons 5484 Shield Dragon

Come and wrestle your Dragon from Silly Billy’s today.

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Playmobil Ark 5276 UPDATE

We are having great success selling Playmobil Ark’s at the reduced price of £29.99, RRP of £59.99
WE HAVE ONLY FOUR ARK’s LEFT AT THIS PRICE, so please come in and visit us at Silly Billy’s if you would like this or indeed any other Playmobil.

One customer said today “You have a better selection of Playmobil than Toys ‘r’ Us at Birstall, pretty good don’t you think?

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Playmobil Delivery Friday 10th October 2014

After some waiting and a further delay due to a Bank Holiday in germany on Monday, the Playmobil delivery arrived early on Friday Morning. Three Pallets brought on a long-bed truck that managed to block up the roads for a little while around St George’s Square.

We unloaded the lorry in double-quick time and eventually finished pricing and putting out the stock at around 3pm !!

The Gallery below illustrates some of the Playmobil we have in stock at this time:

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Playmobil Advent Calendar 2014 – 5494

The Playmobil Advent Calendar is a lovely gift for children at only £19.99 and can be used each year if properly looked after.

There is an Advent scene which is created as  each day leads up to Christmas Day.
You can open a door each day before Christmas that contains a figure or other piece that makes up the final Advent scene.

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Playmobil Dragons, Gift Bags

A range of four Dragons from Playmobil in Presentation pouches, the contents of which are in the display stand in the Silly Billy’s Toy shop, Hebden Bridge. Also we have pictured these below, these and the Fairy Gift Bags would make excellent presents for Children this Christmas.
Playmobil Dragons Playmobil Dragons

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Playmobil Carry Cases

Playmobil Carry Cases are very popular at this time of year, last year we sold literally hundreds of them.
This year we are stocking:
5609 – Playmobil Dragons Carry Case
5611 – Playmobil City Life Shopping Carry Case
5891 – Playmobil Police Carry Case
5971 – Playmobil School Carry Case

5972 – Playmobil Knights Carry Case
5995 – Playmobil Fairies Carry Case
Each Playmobil Carry case is priced at only £9.99, and suitable for children aged from 4 to 10

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Playmobil Shopping Centre 5485

Here at Silly Billy’s we are glad to offer the Playmobil Shopping Centre, 5485. This is an amazing piece of engineering from Playmobil and we are priced competitively for this.

If you would like to treat your child this year then take a look at the Shopping Centre in the Shop Today, also in our Window Display.
We were very impressed with this short animation taken using the Shopping Centre, it brought a smile to the writer’s face this morning:

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Playmobil Wildlife Ark 5276

At Silly Billy’s Toy Shop we have heavily discounted the Playmobil Ark 5276.
“WHY?” You might ask?
Well, it is simply because we have had water ingress in our store-room and we need to create some space.  At the moment we are still unsure where the water came from in the first place, perhaps it was a micro biblical flood??
The Ark’s are not damaged in any way and are ONLY available in the shop at this price

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