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NatWest Bank Closure 24/2/2015

The first thing we heard about the closure of the local Natwest bank was in letter form this week. Apparently the news came as a bit of a shock to the Hebden Bridge branch Staff as well.

Silly Billy’s is opposed to the closure of the bank not only from a Business perspective but also from the fact that it is now commonplace to close important community resources here, there, and everywhere in the UK. The bank argue that the customer base in Hebden Bridge is not large enough to continue the operation of the branch in the Town. We argue that this is not the case and that in fact Nat West Bank is important not just for businesses locally but also for the residents of Hebden Bridge that use the bank’s services.

Consequently we have started a petition against the closure and this is available to sign in Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, we would like you to sign if you are a Natwest customer and similarly opposed to the Branch closure.

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Silly Billy’s is happy to announce their participation in the Hebden Bridge Festive Fandango this year. Stickers are available from the shop as are the Festive Fandango cards.
Start collecting yours today and Follow @FestiveFandango on Twitter and/or on Facebook
Every time you spend at least £5 in a shop, cafe, restaurant or pub in Hebden Bridge in December ask for a Festive Fandango sticker. Collect 5 stickers from 5 different places on a Festive Fandango card, hand it in to the Visitor Centre and they’ll hand you a voucher book in return, there are a lot of great offers in the Voucher book and these are detailed on the Festive Fandango Facebook page.

Silly Billy’s will be donating a Playmobil Camper Model 4859 to the Festive Fandango Hamper:

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NatWest Proposed Closure Photographs

Firstly, we would like to thank all the people, amounting to around 100 now, that have signed the petition that we have at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and also now available to sign at The White Lion Hotel
Bill Deakin was interviewed today by the local newspaper: tomorrow at 11am a Photographer will be at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. If anyone wishes to show any further support for the petition against the proposed closure of National Westminster Bank, Hebden Bridge then please come down to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop for 11am, tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd December 2014. Thank-you

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Playmobil Fairies

We have a wide range of Playmobil Faires for Sale at Silly Billy’s Toyshop including all the Fairy Gift Bags at £9.99,  as described here.
Also we have:
Playmobil 5448 Fairy Diana £7.99
Playmobil 5450 Fairy Aquarella in the Unicorn Meadow £14.99
Playmobil 5446 Unicorn Carriage with Butterfly Fairy £12.99
Playmobil 5445 Fairy Queen’s Ship £24.99
Playmobil 5444 Fairy Island with Jewel Fountain £29.99

Click to view slideshow.

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Christmas is a Coming

On Thursday 20th November, Hebden Bridge saw the Christmas Lights being turned on. The very next day at Silly Billy’s Spiderman became embellished in Tinsel… go Spidey !!

The Toy Shop is now resplendent in its Christmas Tinsel-elevated garb. Also we have some very decorative lights in the Window but are going to wait a week or two before initialising the LED Icicle lights, a very cool addition.

Please come in and visit us and take a look at our Christmas Stock.

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