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Competition Time – Like our Facebook Page and WIN !!

Simple competition to run over the UK Easter School Holidays, simply LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND WIN:
A  competition for the Month of April: like our Facebook page and win a Lego Set, pictures below. A winner will be chosen at random from those likes that occur between NOW and the end of the school holidays at mid-night on Sunday 12th April.
If you would rather not use Facebook, you can sign up to our email mailing list at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and you will receive the same chance of winning the Prize.
Any UK winner will receive the model via 2nd Class Post.
Buy Lego buy lego yorkshire Lego Copter Lego Lego City

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Buy Playmobil in Yorkshire

Playmobil is immensely popular amongst the parents and young people in the Calder Valley. Silly Billy’s always has some of the latest Playmobil in stock and we are well stocked for the Easter Holidays. Come and visit us in Hebden bridge to see our latest range of Playmobil and you can pick up a FREE Playmobil 2015 catalogue to read whilst you are having lunch or dinner.
Playmobil Specials Playmobil in Hebden Bridge Playmobil

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Buy Lego in Yorkshire

Silly Billy’s have been bumping up their stock levels for the Easter Break and we had a large delivery of Lego on Thursday.

Silly Billy’s is one of the only independent toy shops in Yorkshire that offers such a wide range of Lego from Duplo to Technics almost all the time.
Buy Lego in Yorkshire Lego Hebden Bridge Lego at Silly Billy's

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Sylvanians ARE BACK

Sylvanian’s, do you remember them?
Silly Billy’s has not had Sylvanians in stock in the toy shop for 3 years now, but we have recently decided that the little Sylvanian fellows have had enough of a break from Hebden Bridge and that we will re-stock them.

What Sylvanian’s do we have? You might ask, well here’s the definitive list of Sylvanian Families at Silly Billy’s

  • Hedgehog Family
  • White Mouse Family
  • Sheep Family
  • Chocolate Rabbit Family
  • Silk Cat Family
  • Panda Family
  • Grey Cat Family
  • Tuxedo Cat Family
  • Yellow Labrador Family
  • Polar Bear Family
  • Chocolate Rabbit Family
  • Silk Cat Baby
  • Grey Cat Baby
  • Hedgehog Baby
  • White Mouse baby
  • Sheep Baby
  • Panda Baby
  • Yellow Labrador Baby
  • Babies Ride and Play
  • Baby Carry Case
  • Campervan
  • Cycling Adventure
  • Elsies Ice Cream
  • Cherries at the Seaside
  • The Caravan

Yep, that’s a whole heap of Sylvanian’s and accessories, if you want to know how much they are then come in the shop and ask or email Silly Billy’s, our prices are very competitive.

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The Magical Amazing Robot

A retro toy from yester-year. Silly Billy himself remembers the Magical amazing Robot from his Childhood. The magical robot is a traditional toy from house of marbles.

based on an original product that first went into production in the early 1950s, the magical “Amazing Robot” has got to be one of the most fascinating products ever made.

Children and indeed adults alike are totally bemused as to how it works! Simply pace the “Amazing Robot” in the tray in the center of the Question Circle and turn until the pointer is on the question that you want to ask. Then move the robot to the answer circle and as if by magic the Robot will point to the correct answer!! The “Amazing Robot” is always right.

The magical “Amazing Robot” is great fun to play and is also very educational – encouraging children to learn as they play.

Magical-robot Amazing Robot <img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-1273" src="×576.jpg" alt="The M

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New in From House of Marbles

House of Marbles, a UK based company. It used to be that Silly Billy’s purchased stock from House of Marbles at Christmas but now their toy range has become so popular with parents and children that we now buy from House of Marbles all year long.

As well as traditional toys like Dominoes, Pick-Up Sticks, Tiddlywinks and, of course, marbles, House of Marbles introduces some very innovative ranges. For the young outdoorsmen and women we have some binoculars and a very bright camping lantern from the Junior Adventurer Range.
marbles adventurers marbles1

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All NEW Playmobil 2015

Just in at Silly Billy’s we have all new Playmobil for 2015 including:
4778 – Country woman with calves
4779 – Fisherman with equipment
4781 – Princess with Mannequin
4782 – Mother with Children
4783 – Pirate with Treasure Chest
5410 – Victorian Lady with Pond

Click to view slideshow.

5628 – Carry Case Wildlife

5533 – Horse with X-Ray technician

Lots and lots for the younger toddlers, including:
6793 – Farmer with wheelbarrow
6795 – Man with Raft
5533 6793 6795 5631

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Pre-Easter Time

The chocolate rabbits have been out for a while now at #LidlSuprises but here at Silly Billy’s we build up to the school Easter Holidays with an influx of orders. We have just received the 2015 Schleich range which includes some Dragons and Justice League figures. Also we have replenished our horse supplies, the equestrian side always being popular here.

Also just in are Yu-Gi-Oh Secrets of Eternity trading cards.

And we have got some more Series 3 Zomlings just in, literally. They were very popular last time, Zomlings in a train.


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