Summer Toys are Here

Outdoor and activity Toys

Summer Toys, outdoor toys, have arrived at Silly Billy’s.
We talk about the weather occasionally here and as a friend of mine said after he moved up from London. “I don’t like the Sun, I wouldn’t have moved to the Pennines if I would have wanted a Tan.”
Silly Billy himself always takes a positive outlook and we know that there will and there has been sun in the Calder Valley and Hebden Bridge.
Here are a selection of the outdoor toys now available at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop:

  • Cricket Sets: £6.99
  • Bat and Ball Set: £4.99
  • Kites from £5.99
  • Flying discs: £1.99
  • Footballs: £4.99
  • Various other size balls from 50p, including Tennis balls at 99p
  • Skipping Ropes: £2.50
  • Juggling Balls: £3.99
  • Diablos: £4.99

Plus lots more in Store, come into Silly Billy’s, Hebden Bridge, and take a look, it’s dry inside the shop !!

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