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Depesche Top Model

NEW Top Model

We have received some new Top Model from Depesche and also a top-up on our depleted stocks. Top Model has proven to be one of our top selling lines in Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and it is a really nicely presented product.
Today we have received:

  • Horses Dream Hairbrush @ £4.50 ~~~NEW~~~
  • Create Your Own Minimoomi Colouring Book @£5.50
  • Tattoo Pens and Templates @£4.50 ~~~NEW~~~
  • Colouring Pencils @£5.50
  • Make Up Colouring Book @£4.50 ~~~NEW~~~
  • Pocket Colouring Book @£4.50 ~~~NEW~~~
  • Create Your Fantasy Model @£7.25
  • Create Your Hand Design @£7.25
  • Around the World Colouring Book @£8.99
  • Dress Me Up Sticker Book @£4.50 ~~~NEW~~~
  • My Style Princess Sticker Book @£2.75 ~~~NEW~~~
  • My Style Princess Glitter Gel Pens @£3.50
  • Create Your Picture Books @£1.75 ~~~NEW~~~

Please read our other post about Top Model for more information.

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Thunderbirds Are GO

Thunderbirds Are Go…

The final episode of the original series of Thunderbirds was shown on TV ten days after I was born, imagine that!!
Now Thunderbirds are back from March this year in an all new show on ITV. Silly Billy’s is proud to have Thunderbird’s Figurines in our shop to buy now, stocks are limited.

Frank Skinner is a long-time fan of Tunderbirds and the new TV series, Thunderbirds are Go, has received a far warmer reception than the Film of the series that was made in 2004, which the late Gerry Anderson described as “the biggest load of crap I have ever seen” with a paltry rating of 4.2 on IMDB

Read more about the re-launch of Thunderbirds:

All the figures come with accessories:
Virgil Tracy

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Lego Scooby Doo

Just released by Lego is the brand new Lego Scooby Doo theme

In stock at Silly Billy’s we have the Mummy Museum Mystery 75900 ages 5-12  at £12.99 and also 75902 the Mystery Machine at £29.99

The Mummy Museum Mystery 75900 is a lovely set including three minifigures, one of which is Scooby Doo himself

The Mystery Machine set is the traditional Scooby Doo Crew’s transport system of a flashy Volkswagon Camper:

The set includes FOUR Minifgures:
A Zombie and
Scooby Doo

More fun can be had with the Zappar app at which Lachlann and I have just tested and it’s a-mazing, get your zapper app and come to Silly Billy’s and Zap a Scooby Doo Lego Box Today


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Lego Minecraft

It has been a long time coming, but at last we have some Lego Minecraft in the shop.

Venture into The Dungeon on a perilous quest for valuable ores! Craft torches from your resources to light your way and disable the mob spawner. Wield your iron pickaxe to defeat the roaming zombies, then mine the gold ore and grab the chest containing wheat and redstone. But watch out… zombies can spawn anywhere! Rebuild the set for more LEGO Minecraft creations! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted accessories: Steve and 2 zombies.

Get Lego Minecraft at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

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Silly Billy’s Blog is ONE YEAR OLD today

We started this blog one year ago. So far we have had 5,354 visitors with the highest amount being for this post:
Natwest Bank Closure

StatsSo far we have written 167 Posts, almost one post every two days. We write some articles about what is happening within the area of Hebden Bridge as well; so not all the posts are about Toys. We would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to the blog which is simple and quick to do via the form on the page, top left where it says: Never Miss an Important Post

Robert Williams,  the primary author of this blog is also very active with SEO and promoting local businesses, if anyone is interested in achieving a higher visibility with their website, integrating web and Social Media Presence for increased visitors and customers or any other aspects of Web work then contact him.
Some of his customers are listed on our backlinks page and if you wish to have a link included there then please get in touch, any reciprocal linking is appreciated.

Happy Birthday Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Blog

Fun to be 1


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Calderdale Food Inspections

I was leafing through the Hebden Bridge Times website where I found links to the Halifax Courier detailing the recent Food Inspections that have taken place across Calderdale and the results. Quite frankly some of them are astonishing and shocking.  One place I wrote a great review about on TripAdvisor once only got One Star, that came as quite a big shock. You can read all about this here:

Food Hygiene Rating
Food Hygiene Rating

The links at the bottom of the page take you to the list of establishments in all the categories:

Or You can do it Quickly Here:
ZERO RATING – i.e don’t ever eat here
ONE STAR – Beware
TWO STARS – Caution
FIVE STARS – Excellent

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Sainsbury’s Hebden Bridge Store Wars

This morning I was wondering why the proposed site of Sainsbury’s at the old fire station land in Valley road was now fenced off completely. For the past few years whilst local residents and shop-keepers fought off Sainsbury’s plan to build a store on the site, the developers who bought the land had been using it in the interim as a car park. Now the developers, Eshton Gregory of Leeds, have decided to fight the appeal and from last week have closed the site off completely.

This seems an extremely petty act as it would not require much effort to put the land back to it’s car park status and Hebden Bridge is desperately in need of car parking space for visitors to the Town.

It seems now though that the developers are trying to push the plans through and overturn rulings within Leeds high Court, great.!! All funded by Sainsbury’s.  We have written about the Hebden Bridge Sainsbury’s protests in earlier posts.

Say NO to Sainsburys and Sainsbury’s Objections, Hebden Bridge

SAY No to sainsburys
SAY No to Sainsburys

The Hebden bridge times has appropriately named this “Store Wars Part 3″ and you can read all about in the article by Jon Cronshaw in this Week’s Hebden Bridge Times, which, unsurprisingly, seem to have sold out in Hebden Bridge !!


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James Galt Creative Craft Toys Are Back

We had run a little low on the James Galt Creative Sets including:

As you can see our recent delivery of James Galt has improved our stock levels and will hopefully sell as well as the last delivery. Galt Toys are ideal for taking on Holiday and entertaining the youngsters whilst on the road. The Galt toys gang have written a post on Holiday Travel Tips on their blog:

Galt Toys
Galt Toys






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House of Marbles – Stock Replenished

The House of Marbles

Today we have had a replenishment and re-stock from one of our great British suppliers, The House of Marbles. As well as glass Marbles, The House of Marbles supplies Silly Billy with a number of other toys and today we have back in the very popular:

Junior Adventurer’s Binoculars:



Marble Bags:

Marble Bag

Also we Have in:
Tubs of 50 Marbles at £5.99

50 Marbles









We have written before about the House of Marbles and at Silly Billy’s we are proud to be stocking House of Marbles products from Bovey Tracey in Devon. One Top Seller with young and old alike is the Traditional Game of Jacks



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Do YOU like Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Reviews – WE need YOU

Silly Billy’s Toy Shop has been around in Hebden Bridge now for 18 years. In the past year or two I have been raising the online profile of Silly Billy’s Toy Shop through various efforts on WordPress Blogs and Social Media.

NOW is your chance to help:
Did you have a good time in Silly Billy’s, did your children get the toys they wanted, were the Staff pleasant and helpful? If you’d like to give Silly Billy’s a:
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