Sainsbury’s Hebden Bridge Store Wars

This morning I was wondering why the proposed site of Sainsbury’s at the old fire station land in Valley road was now fenced off completely. For the past few years whilst local residents and shop-keepers fought off Sainsbury’s plan to build a store on the site, the developers who bought the land had been using it in the interim as a car park. Now the developers, Eshton Gregory of Leeds, have decided to fight the appeal and from last week have closed the site off completely.

This seems an extremely petty act as it would not require much effort to put the land back to it’s car park status and Hebden Bridge is desperately in need of car parking space for visitors to the Town.

It seems now though that the developers are trying to push the plans through and overturn rulings within Leeds high Court, great.!! All funded by Sainsbury’s.  We have written about the Hebden Bridge Sainsbury’s protests in earlier posts.

Say NO to Sainsburys and Sainsbury’s Objections, Hebden Bridge

SAY No to sainsburys
SAY No to Sainsburys

The Hebden bridge times has appropriately named this “Store Wars Part 3″ and you can read all about in the article by Jon Cronshaw in this Week’s Hebden Bridge Times, which, unsurprisingly, seem to have sold out in Hebden Bridge !!


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