Silly Billy’s Blog is ONE YEAR OLD today

We started this blog one year ago. So far we have had 5,354 visitors with the highest amount being for this post:
Natwest Bank Closure

StatsSo far we have written 167 Posts, almost one post every two days. We write some articles about what is happening within the area of Hebden Bridge as well; so not all the posts are about Toys. We would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to the blog which is simple and quick to do via the form on the page, top left where it says: Never Miss an Important Post

Robert Williams,  the primary author of this blog is also very active with SEO and promoting local businesses, if anyone is interested in achieving a higher visibility with their website, integrating web and Social Media Presence for increased visitors and customers or any other aspects of Web work then contact him.
Some of his customers are listed on our backlinks page and if you wish to have a link included there then please get in touch, any reciprocal linking is appreciated.

Happy Birthday Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Blog

Fun to be 1


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