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Orchard Toys Promotional Offer

Orchard Toys Promotional Offer

As part of Silly Billy’s 18th Birthday Celebrations and to promote the new Orchard Toys we have had delivered here today at Silly Billy’s. We are doing a Promotional Offer of FREE Orchard Toys Snap as seen below….
Snapwith every Orchard Toys Purchase over £10 here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, whilst stocks last

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Orchard Toys July 2015

Orchard Toys

We have written about Orchard Toys before. Today we have had a new delivery of Orchard Toys including some newly released puzzles like:
Veg Patch Match and Go Go Dragons

We have had so many Orchard Toys in today that I have created a new Orchard Toys Gallery , where you can view images of the products and prices.

Orchard are a British company that make educational Puzzles and Games for younger children. Orchard Toys started off on a kitchen table over 40 years ago, and although they are recognised now as a leading manufacturer of educational games and puzzles around the world, they still design, produce and pack all our products from a small market town in Norfolk. Apart from some of the Sales team, all our staff work together in the same building.

Orchard Toys are designed with the ethos ‘Learning Made Fun’, and they combine bright, innovative design, durability and quality.

Orchard Toys


Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is the premier Distributor of Yorkshire Toys in the North of England

All images of Orchard Toys on this site are courtesy of Orchard Toys


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blood transfusion - two hearts

Billy Has Been Unwell

Mr Silly Billy has been rather under the weather for the past two weeks and consequently has been absent from the Toy Shop for some time. We would like to say Billy is now on the mend although he has been mightily unwell.

Bill will be returning to work soon but he is gradually re-introducing himself to the shop after spending much of the past two weeks locked away in his toilet !!

If you are coming into Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and Bill is serving please be gentle with him as he recuperates.

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ToyWorld Write Up

Silly Billy’s in ToyWorld Magazine

ToyWorld is the business magazine for folk within the Toy Industry. In the most recent issue of July 2015, Volume 4 Issue 10, we were lucky enough to receive a write-up and you can read the article for yourself on Isuu here:

Toy World Mag
Toy Wold


We think it represents how we are experiencing this year so far and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal local customers and all our new customers for shopping with us and keeping us open as an Independent Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge:



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The Weird Weather in Hebden Bridge

The Weather in the Calder Valley

Many folk say Hebden Bridge is weird. The Author has been here for a decade now and one thing he finds weird is the weather.
As is my want often of a Saturday Morning to listen to the Huey Show on BBC Radio 6; I find that instead of Huey, Katie Puckrick is sitting in. One of the first words I hear from the DJ is “on this beautiful sunny day…”. What the hell??

I am looking out of the window of Silly Billy’s and the usual grey that hangs over the valleys in which Hebden Bridge nestles, like some sort of oppressive dirty sheet, regardless of season, is once again the view greeting me. Great, the weather here never ceases to test my equanimity.
I bought a box of water pistols down from the store-room today to go with the paddling pools I wrote about the other day and the main thought that came to me was “why bother”. Indeed Katie’s first word’s of her morning show on Radio 6 have thrown what I considered to be an equanimous state towards the abhorrent weather in Hebden Bridge to one of just general weather depressiveness.
Happy Summer to everyone else in the UK


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Splash and Play Paddling Pools

We were hoping that the weather in the Calder Valley would remain Sunny for some time but the anomaly of Tuesday 30th June 2015, so warm that the author was naked in his garden topping up his tan, seems to be just that:-
An anomaly.

Nonetheless, Silly Billy’s buying department took the wise precaution of getting in some lovely Pools in case the hot weather makes a welcome return and the local Children need to cool down.

We have two sizes of pool available at the moment, 1.52m Diameter by 25cm high, holding 340 Litres of water for only £9.99 and another that is 1.83m Diameter by 38cm high and holds 749 Litres of water.

If you get the chance come and cool down with a paddling pool from Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge:

Paddling Pool
Designs May Vary

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The Must-Have Toys Of 2015

Every year children hanker after a new set of ‘must-have’ toys as the latest playground craze takes hold and they realise they simply can’t live without a new [insert name of toy you will spend the next six months petrified of losing].

Last year children’s birthday and Christmas lists were dominated by LEGO, Frozen and loom bands. But what will kids be pestering their parents for this year?

At the Toy Fair 2015, toy makers revealed the toys and games they’re preparing to release this year.

As usual the manufacturers have pushed the boat out to make a multitude of toys that are more high tech, more flashy, more noisy and, of course, more covetable than ever before.

via The Must-Have Toys Of 2015.

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