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GB Eye Posters

GB Eye Maxi Posters

Here at Silly Billy’s we have always stocked GB Eye Posters, The posters are all Maxi Sized at 61×91.5cm

  •  FP3350 Minions

  • FP3264 SHERLOCK Door “The Game is On”

    SHERLOCK Door “The Game is On”
  • FP3955 HARRY POTTER Hogwarts Flag

    HARRY POTTER Hogwarts Flag

  • FP3458 Ninja Turtles Movie Group – Leonardo Michelangelo

    Ninja Turtles Movie Group – Leonardo Michelangelo
  • FP3655 Doctor Who Tardis Plans Maxi Poster

    SHERLOCK Door “The Game is On”
  • FP3459 Ninja Turtles Movie Quad Maxi Poster

    Ninja Turtles Movie Quad Maxi Poster
  • LP1844 5 Seconds Of Summer Glasses – Boy Band 1 Direction

    5 Seconds Of Summer Glasses – Boy Band 1 Direction
  • FP3390 Batman Comics Stalker

    Batman Comics Stalker

  • GN0795 Hello Kitty Cupcakes
  • FP2530 Star Wars – Battle
  • FP3146 DC Comics Justice League – Batman Superman
  • FP3908 Sailor Moon (Team)
  • FP3620 DC Comics Heroes Vs Villains
  • FP3473 THE HOBBIT Battle of Five Armies Smaug Poster
  • FP3493 Attack on Titan
  • FP3828 Pokemon (Pokeballs)
  • FP3876 DC Comics (Justice League Group)
  • FP3730 Peppa Pig (Fairytale)
  • FP3342 Thomas And Friends – Characters
  • FP3398 Doctor Who Haynes Dalek Blueprint
  • FP3729 My Little Pony (Friendship Is Magic)
  • FP3515 Batman Arkham Knight Cover
  • FP3749 Attack On Titan (Chibi Characters)
  • FP3722 Thunderbirds are Go Profiles
  • SP1236 Barcelona Triple Champion
  • FP2914 Minecraft vertical
  • GN0441 Gaming. Keep Out
  • SP1182 Real Madrid – Ronaldo
  • SP1199 WWE – Collage
  • FP3498 Pokemon XY
  • GN0799 KIMBERLIN-headphones
  • FP3504 Spongebob Cast
  • PH0427 Horses. Mare and Foal
  • PH0455 Bob Langrish Waterfall
  • FP2606 Fireman Sam Cast
  • GN0214 World Map
  • GN0392 Dinosaurs
  • LP1960 5 Seconds of Summer Clothes
  • PH0444 Tiger Cubs
  • PH0430 Tropical Underwater Ocean
  • FP3955 HARRY POTTER Hogwarts Flag
  • FP3458 Ninja Turtles Movie Group – Leonardo Michelangelo
  • FP3655 Doctor Who Tardis Plans Maxi Poster
  • FP3459 Ninja Turtles Movie Quad Maxi Poster
  • LP1844 5 Seconds Of Summer Glasses – Boy Band 1 Direction
  • FP3390 Batman Comics Stalker
  • GN0795 Hello Kitty Cupcakes
  • FP2530 Star Wars – Battle
  • FP3146 DC Comics Justice League – Batman Superman
  • FP3908 Sailor Moon (Team)
  • FP3620 DC Comics Heroes Vs Villains
  • FP3473 THE HOBBIT Battle of Five Armies Smaug Poste
  • FP3493 Attack on Titan
  • FP3828 Pokemon (Pokeballs)
  • FP3876 DC Comics (Justice League Group)
  • FP3730 Peppa Pig (Fairytale)
  • FP3342 Thomas And Friends – Characters
  • FP3398 Doctor Who Haynes Dalek Blueprint
  • FP3729 My Little Pony (Friendship Is Magic)
  • FP3515 Batman Arkham Knight Cover
  • FP3749 Attack On Titan (Chibi Characters)

If you are looking for a change in decoration in your bedroom or elsewhere in the home then ccome into Silly Billy’s, Stockist of GB Eye Maxi Posters
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Happy Valley Season 2


Hebden Bridge is inundated with folk from the BBC busily filming the second series of Happy Valley. You may remember the first series which was an exciting and suspenseful drama set in Hebden Bridge. Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is being featured in Happy Valley Series 2 but at the moment the filming is taking place in Albert Street, Hebden Bridge. This is good for the Crew in terms of food as they have the diverse Sandwich Creations from Pennine Provisions and also the traditional chips and fish fayre from Hebden’s only remaining fish and chip shop in Crown Street, where the picture below is taken. The Author remembers when there used to be three here in this small town !

The second series of Happy Valley will be shown on BBC One in 2016 and there is a more in depth report on the filming in Calderdale from the Halifax Courier

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What Can YOU Buy for a Pound ??

Hey Mum I only Have a Pound to spend

£1 isn’t very much money in many ways nowadays.
YET in other ways £1 can buy you A LOT at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. This list is in no way definitive but it gives you an idea of what you can purchase at Silly Billy’s toy shop with only One single GBP

One English Pound

“So what can I get for a pound!”?, we hear you ask:

    • Jokes, and we have plenty of them:

      Smithy Jokes Burnley
      FunnyMan Jokes 99p
    • Pocket Money Toys, Buy two at 50p each, Always Lots in Stock:

      Pocket Money Toys
      Pocket Money Toys 50p
    • Magnets, 40 p each; or three for a pound

      Magnets 3 for £1
    • Bubbles (Puzzle Bubbles) 50p each

      Puzzle Bubbles
      Bubbles 50p
    • Bouncy Eggs 99p

      Bouncy Eggs
      Bouncy Eggs 99p

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Pokemon Ancient Origins

Pokemon Ancient Origins

They have just come in, for the new and serious collectors. Pokemon cards have been a top seller since Silly Billy’s first opened 18 years ago!! Such is the hold of Pokemon the Younger generation.

Ancient origins
Pokemon Ancient origins £3.50

Come and buy your Pokemon Booster Packs at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

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Hot and Cold – Coming Soon – MLP

Summer Holidays August 2015

It has been a busy summer here at Silly Billy’s and we are lucky enough to have two weeks of the Summer Holidays left. What’s hot and cold at Silly Billy’s, well nothing is really cold – we are very glad to say and Silly Billy’s buying department do a sterling job.

Lego Minifgures Series 14 Monsters are selling well as we anticipated and we still have a few, quite literally, Lego Simpson’s Minifigures packets left.

Simpsons Minifigures Series 2
Simpsons Minifigs Series 2




NEW IN – MY LITTLE PONY, collectables:

Only £1.99 and 12 to collect:
My Little Pony




Thunderbirds are all the rage here at Silly billy’s and selling out fast:
Thunderbirds are go, go, going….

Coming soon, LEGO Star Wars, we were hoping the delivery of ALL NEW Lego Star Wars was going to be this week but Lego Group are a law unto themselves so we are patiently waiting and will announce on this blog and our other social platforms when the Star Wars are in at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

We have placed a large PlayMobil Order and are anticipating more stocks of Playmobil to be in store at Silly Billy’s soon. We are renowned as a premier stockist of Playmobil in the North of England and one customer even remarked that our Playmobil display was better than Hamleys, great praise indeed.
You can read more about Playmobil at Silly Billy’s by simply looking at these older posts or searching this blog:
Playmobil in Yorkshire 1
Playmobil in England 2
Playmobil in Yorkshire 3

Always popular and almost sold out, come and visit us soon to get your TY Beanies. These are what we have left until our next order:

  • Buckwheat The Lynx
  • Squeaker The Mouse
  • Brutus The dog
  • Tusk The Walrus
  • Rosie The Turtle
  • Sophie The Pink Cat
  • Barley The dog
    TY beanie Boos

If you have any thoughts or comments on Silly Billy’s then feel free to contact us either through our Silly Billy’s Facebook Page

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Playing Cards

Will make this brief:
We sell playing cards at Silly Billy’s, good quality, Waddingtons Number 1 Playing Cards in Blue or Red
Number 1



Linen Finish Waddingtons Playing Cards, available at Silly Billy’s today and every day,  according to the last person that bought a pack five minutes ago, we are the ONLY SHOP in Hebden Bridge selling playing cards at the moment. Get Yours in store today.


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Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island

All new at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, is the Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy island:

Jump into the world of Thunderbirds Are Go with this cool Interactive Tracy Island Playset!
Recreate your own International Rescue adventures with this amazing Tracy Island Playset.
Based on the top secret headquarters’ Tracy Island uses the latest in smart technology allowing the island to interact with the vehicles.
Put on the International Rescue communicator and take command of your Thunderbird craft.

Tracy Island is packed with over 50 actions, lights and sounds.
Press the button to open the hangar door for Thunderbird 2 and the palm trees fall away. Once Thunderbird 1 has been locked and loaded into its dock pull back the sliding pool and watch the dock automatically rise up through the push of a button. Load Thunderbird 3 into the launch silo and press the button to launch this rocket into space. (All vehicles are sold separately and available to buy at Silly Billy’s)

  • Cool lights and sounds
  • Iconic Thunderbirds countdown
  • Dimensions: 50H x 65W cm
  • Please note vehicles pictured are sold separately
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: One Tracy Island Playset
  • Batteries Required: 3 AAA batteries and 3 LR44 batteries (not included)
    Tracy Island at Silly Billys
    Interactive Tracy Island

    Other ThunderBirds Figures and Vehicles available at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

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The Lego Monsters are here:

Minifigures Series 14
Minifigures Series 14
Monsters Minifigs at £2.49 each
Minifigures series 14
BANSHEE our First Minifigure

BANSHEEDark and Menacing, the new Monsters Series looks to be a lot more innovative than the last Simpsons’ Minifigures from Lego







Really Nice packaging on the new Lego Minifigures Series 14


When Silly Billy started his collection for the new series of Monsters MinifiguresBanshee was first one out of the packs


Come and Visit Silly Billy’s toy shop in Hebden Bridge, the Best Toy Shop in the North of England and start your collection of Lego Minifigures Monsters Today

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Writing Competition – WIN CASH PRIZES

There is an innovative and exciting Writing Competition being run by Dean Charlton’s Magazine “From The Horse’s Mouth”.

This competition is open to anyone and there are no prerequisites to entry. The prizes are good with the Top Prize being £100 CASH, 2nd Prize £50 CASH, 3rd Prize £25.
All you need to do is write a short story up to 2,500 words and send it in to Dean. Click this link for more details on this writing competition

If you enjoy writing and wish to submit an entry then please do, it is open to anyone regardless of age, location or any other factor.

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SERIES 14 71010

They’re coming, They’re Coming……

These Series 14 Monster Minifigures will soon be in stock at Silly Billy’s in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Subscribe to our Blog and you will always be up to date with what’s in store. IT IS FREE

“I’ve got bad news, and more bad news…”

Poor Banshee. It’s not her fault that her job is to warn people about bad news in their future. And she does it very well, with all of the woeful weeping and wailing that you might expect from an ancient spirit of ill omen. But nobody likes to hear her tidings of misfortune, and so she finds herself unwelcome wherever where she goes.

It’s hard to make friends when you’re compelled to inform your fellow Minifigures that they’re going to stub their toes, or misplace their phones, or forget to water their plants. It’s not like the Banshee causes the problems herself; she’s just cursed with the ability to see that they’re going to happen. For some reason, though, everybody seems to blame her anyway. On the bright side, she’s recently become pen pals with the Sad Clown, who just loves getting bad news!

“Bzzz. Bzzz? Bzzz!”

Until very recently, the Fly Monster was a regular housefly. Now that he’s been mutated into a half-fly, half-Minifigure creature, he’s found himself a little bit confused. Part of the problem is that his mind is still pretty much that of a fly. The other part is that he doesn’t realize just how much larger he is than he used to be.

The Fly Monster is always running into windows, falling off ceilings, and getting stuck to pieces of tape. He’s also very afraid of spiders and flyswatters and flees at the sight of them, buzzing in insectoid terror. There is one good side to his new body, though: it’s a lot easier to get at all of that delicious rotting garbage now that he can lift off the trash-bin lids!







“Oops. Overslept again.”

Being made of stone has its advantages – including being very long-lived and waterproof – but it has its drawbacks, too. The short but solid Gargoyle is hard-headed and stubborn, making him extremely slow to change his mind about anything. He’s also about as light and graceful as a rock, and so despite having wings, he doesn’t so much fly as plummet straight down. Fortunately, he’s extremely durable and can just walk away from the resulting crater.

The Gargoyle likes to hang out on rooftops so he can see all the way across the city, but he has a habit of falling asleep…and a gargoyle nap can last anywhere from days to centuries. When he wakes up, the landscape and architecture have often changed around him, he needs to catch up on all of his TV shows, and he’s usually covered with bird’s nests!




“Shock and roll, my rockin’ monsters!”

One day, the Monster Scientist heard about the cool hand-made monsters that all of the other mad scientists were building, so he decided to try putting together his own. He thought that he had gotten the recipe right, but some of the music he was listening to must have fallen into his creature creation’s head, because what he got was the ultimate rock ‘n roll monster!

The Monster Rocker gets a real charge from rocking – literally! The more he rocks out on his guitar, the more electricity he generates, making him his own power supply and amplifier in one. When he really gets into the ghastly groove, his creepy chords can wake up the Gargoyle, set the Wolf Guy’s hair on end, and even get the Zombies tapping their toes!







“Hee-hee-ha-ho-hoo! This will be my greatest creation yet!”

The Monster Scientist is obsessed with making things that the world has never, ever seen before. In order to come up with all of his amazing new ideas, he has experimented on his own brain to make it even bigger and smarter…but it’s really just made his silly imagination even sillier.

And the Monster Scientist’s ideas are very silly ones indeed, from butter-resistant toast to rocket-propelled shoelaces. Mostly, though, he makes monsters: big ones, little ones, green ones, blue ones, furry ones, scaly ones, and any other kinds that his giant brain can think up. In fact, just last week he turned an ordinary housefly into a fly monster so that he would have something to swim in the giant bowl of soup that he’d invented the previous day!







“Om nom nom nom.”

Have you ever met a semi-intelligent ambulatory plant? One very alarmed Minifigure recently has! The Plant Monster used to be the Monster Scientist’s houseplant until the silly mad doctor accidentally gave it too much of his experimental super-growth fertilizer, causing the horticultural horror to sprout arms, legs, spiky vines, and one huge appetite.

Lurking in gardens, bushes, and anywhere else that’s green, the Plant Monster bides its time and then springs out to swallow up passers-by with a gulp and a happy smack of its leafy flytrap mouth. Oddly, it isn’t actually a carnivorous species (though it doesn’t seem to know that), and as long as it gets plenty of sunlight and regular watering, it just spits its victims out again after a day or two – smelling slightly of lettuce, and with a very strange story to tell!







“Why, yes, I am indeed a walking, talking skeleton.”

There the Skeleton Guy was, out trick-or-treating one dark Halloween night, when he suddenly found himself in a land of real-life witches and ghosts and vampires. He doesn’t dare to take off his costume and reveal that he’s just a regular person underneath, so he’s doing his best to pretend to be a monster too, and hoping that he won’t be discovered.

But what the Skeleton Guy doesn’t realize is that he isn’t actually fooling anyone. Everybody knows that he isn’t really a monster (after all, you can’t fool a werewolf’s nose), but they also don’t care. He seems to be a nice fellow, if a little strange, so as long as he keeps being a friendly neighbor, the other monsters think that he can dress up however he likes!







“Boo! Did I scare ya?”

The spooky Spectre really enjoys being a ghost. He delights in being able to fly right through walls, and gets a real kick (even if he doesn’t have any legs) out of lowering the temperature in a room just by hanging out there invisibly for a few minutes. His favorite pastime is to suddenly appear behind an unsuspecting Minifigure and loudly rattle his chain. The higher they jump, the better!

Yes, the Spectre is a real prankster, but it’s all in the name of laughs for this fun-loving phantasm. And he doesn’t mind being pranked in turn, either. One time, the other monsters got together and called a team of ghost hunters from the big city to chase him around for a while. He’s still laughing about that one!







“Aw, c’mon. Just hold still for a second!”

Legend holds that a rare and reclusive creature called the Square Foot dwells deep within the woods. Actually, the legend is only half-right. The shaggy Square Foot does spend a lot of time out in the wilderness, but that’s because he’s an avid amateur nature photographer who’s always looking for his next great shot.

Somehow, though, all of his photos end up coming out blurry. Maybe it’s because hikers and campers keep spotting his square-shaped footprints and making a big fuss about them. Maybe it’s because he needs to buy a new camera. Or maybe it’s because he always puts his hand in front of the lens. It’s definitely one hairy situation!







“Vould you like to meet my friends? I do hope you’re not too ticklish!”

Some vampires are fond of bats or rats, but the Spider Lady just adores spiders. She uses them in all of her home decorations, and even weaves her own gowns out of purest spider silk (a very fine thread, but a little sticky). She keeps a large number of pet spiders around her castle, but her favorite is a large red specimen that she calls Baron von Skitters.

Given her love of all things arachnid, it may be a little surprising to learn that the Spider Lady has become rather sweet on the Fly Monster. There’s just something about him that compels her to ask him over for tea…and she doesn’t understand why he keeps running away whenever she invites him to step into her parlor for a bite!








You may have seen lion and tiger tamers before, but in the land of monsters, it’s the cats who tame the people! The Tiger Woman is the world’s greatest Minifigure tamer. At the famous Monster Circus, she leads her team of well-trained firefighters, construction workers, and other everyday people in amazing routines of agility and grace – jumping through hoops, balancing on each other’s backs, and sitting up on command.

The Tiger Woman was once a regular Minifigure, too…until an ancient artifact from a long-lost temple transformed her into an incredible mystical creature with stripes, fuzzy ears, and a twitching tail. Now that she’s half-feline, she never wants to go back to being normal again. She can see in the dark, she sleeps on top of the cupboard, and she gets to eat all the mice she can catch. Yum!

“By the stacking of my bricks, something wacky this way clicks! Eee-hee-hee-hee!”

The Wacky Witch strives to be the perfect storybook witch, but living the fairy tale lifestyle is a lot harder than the picture books make it look. She spent weeks baking and building her gingerbread cottage, but it gets soggy in the rain, and the Fly Monster keeps nibbling at the edges. She can’t seem to get the hang of riding a broomstick, either – she gets airsick pretty easily, and it’s left her looking permanently green.

As for the traditional witch’s familiar, don’t even get her started! Her black cat steadfastly refuses to bring anybody bad luck, choosing instead to spend all of his time napping in sunbeams, ignoring her when she calls his name, and yowling whenever his supper is five minutes late. With all of these complications, it’s enough to drive the Wacky Witch to cackling!

“I’m still okay!”

The Wolf Guy isn’t quite sure what’s going on. One minute he was chopping lumber like usual, and the next he had become a hairy, drooling werewolf. The only thing he could remember happening in between was a lot of running around in the woods and howling at the moon.

The world seems pretty different now that he’s a Wolf Guy. Everything smells really interesting, especially trees and fire hydrants. His hearing has gotten a lot better, too. But he can’t find his favorite cap anywhere, and he keeps craving doggie biscuits. Or maybe a nice, rare steak…that sounds pretty good, too!


The Zombie Businessman is an extremely dedicated worker. Every evening, his alarm goes off up at the crack of dusk and he shambles off to work the all-night shift in his cubicle at the big office building in the next town. For hour after hour, he files, organizes, optimizes, and prepares presentations, only pausing to occasionally catch up on the latest zombie news (hint: it’s usually about brains).

His co-workers haven’t especially noticed that he’s a zombie yet. His speech may sound a little funny, and he may not be the snappiest of dressers, but he gets his projects finished on time and always turns in the right paperwork and forms. And sure, he may make a bit of a mess when he drinks his daily cup of coffee…but what business-Minifigure doesn’t have a few odd quirks?







“Brains! Brains! We’ll win by using our braaaiiins!”

The Zombie Cheerleader is a star student at Zombie University who has personally come up with some of the cheer squad’s best new cheers, from the one about the brains, to the other one about the brains, to the other OTHER one about the brains. That last one is everybody’s favorite, because it’s just so catchy.

For a zombie, she has a really upbeat attitude. You’ve got to be extra inspirational when your players’ legs and heads tend to fall off in the middle of a game, which is why she’s also pretty good with duct tape. Her whole zombie family comes out to watch her cheer, and while she’s happy to see her businessman dad take time out of his busy schedule, she’s a little embarrassed at the way her pirate great-great-uncle keeps threatening to keelhaul the other team.







“Yo ho ho and a barrel o’ brains!”

The Zombie Pirate was getting sick and tired of seeing all of these young whippersnapper pirates mess things up, so he’s come back to show them how things used to be done back in the good old days. Not surprisingly for a several-hundred-year-old sea dog, he’s kind of old-fashioned. He still prefers to strand his prisoners on deserted islands instead of making them walk the plank, and he only plunders gold, not fancy-pants modern treasures like silks and spices.

As a zombie, he isn’t particularly big on personal hygiene. His hook is rusty, his captain’s coat is falling apart, and his wooden leg has a bad case of termites. No one is entirely sure whether he has a beard, or just a particularly impressive collection of moss and lichens on his chin. In good news, he doesn’t smell much worse than the average pirate, and if he falls in the water, he’s more likely to bite the sharks than the other way around!PIRATE







Lego Monsters Series 14 Information courtesy of:

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