All NEW Beanies August 2015

Beanie Boos Are Back in Stock

We had sold out of the always popular Beanies and for a change we asked our supplier to deliver us blind the latest Beanie creations.
Usually we peruse the catalogue to see which Beanie Creations will suit our customers best.
The latest Beanies are now in Stock at Silly Billy’s and we have:

  • Brutus The dog
  • Squeaker The Mouse
  • Dougie The dog
  • Cinder The Dragon
  • Barley The dog
  • Rosie The Turtle
  • Buckwheat The Lynx
  • Tusk The Walrus

Silly Billy’s is the premier stockist of Ty Beanies in Hebden Bridge
We have stocked Beanies for many years now and they are one of our top selling items.
You can read more about the Beanies that have been lodging at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in our older Beanie Posts:
Beanies at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Feb 2015
Beanies within Silly Billy’s Toy Emporium July 2014
TY beanie Boos

Here at Silly Billy’s we have some NEW Beanie Key Rings as well:
Beanie Keyrings

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