Happy Valley Season 2


Hebden Bridge is inundated with folk from the BBC busily filming the second series of Happy Valley. You may remember the first series which was an exciting and suspenseful drama set in Hebden Bridge. Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is being featured in Happy Valley Series 2 but at the moment the filming is taking place in Albert Street, Hebden Bridge. This is good for the Crew in terms of food as they have the diverse Sandwich Creations from Pennine Provisions and also the traditional chips and fish fayre from Hebden’s only remaining fish and chip shop in Crown Street, where the picture below is taken. The Author remembers when there used to be three here in this small town !

The second series of Happy Valley will be shown on BBC One in 2016 and there is a more in depth report on the filming in Calderdale from the Halifax Courier

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