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All NEW Beanies August 2015

Beanie Boos Are Back in Stock

We had sold out of the always popular Beanies and for a change we asked our supplier to deliver us blind the latest Beanie creations.
Usually we peruse the catalogue to see which Beanie Creations will suit our customers best.
The latest Beanies are now in Stock at Silly Billy’s and we have:

  • Brutus The dog
  • Squeaker The Mouse
  • Dougie The dog
  • Cinder The Dragon
  • Barley The dog
  • Rosie The Turtle
  • Buckwheat The Lynx
  • Tusk The Walrus

Silly Billy’s is the premier stockist of Ty Beanies in Hebden Bridge
We have stocked Beanies for many years now and they are one of our top selling items.
You can read more about the Beanies that have been lodging at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in our older Beanie Posts:
Beanies at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Feb 2015
Beanies within Silly Billy’s Toy Emporium July 2014
TY beanie Boos

Here at Silly Billy’s we have some NEW Beanie Key Rings as well:
Beanie Keyrings

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Lego Simpson’s Minifgures Version 2 LAST BOX

Hello everybody, we are down to our last box of Simpsons Minifigures.

The Lego Simpsons Series 2 Minifigures has not been as popular as either we or Lego imagined. This small glitch we are hoping will be overcome by the latest Series of Lego Minifigures which are Lego Minifigures Series 14 Monsters, which will be available here at Silly Billy’s on or before the 1st September 2015.

If you have been collecting the Simpson’s Series 2 Minifigures then we won’t be having them available for much longer as we are down to our final Box. If you have collector’s cards then these need to be redeemed before the New Series 14 Minifgures are available or alternatively before we have run out of them.

Minifgures Simpsons Series 2

Also if you have been collecting this series of Minifigures and require a few more Lego Simpson Minifigures to complete your collection, then please come and visit Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and before we sell out completely.

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Historical Vehicles Aplenty

Hebden Bridge Vintage Weekend and HCVS

The driving force in Hebden Bridge today is the amount of historic vehicles parked up on Calder Holmes Park as part of the Hebden Bridge Rotary Club’s Annual Event.
This year there are over 650 Vehicles entered and the event concludes today, Sunday 2nd August, at 5pm. You can read more about the Vintage Rally here:

As well as the Hebden Bridge Rotary Club having their event there is also a rally from HCVS (Historical and Commercial Vehicle Society) where many vintage HGV’s and similar vehicles are driving from Manchester to Harrogate. the HCVS have their own website here and I was lucky enough to see many of the vehicles driving along the A646 as I drove into Hebden Bridge to work at Silly Billy’s this morning.
1950_Albion_FT37We would like to thank the events organisers, both Hebden Bridge Rotary Club and HCVS for organising such great events that return us to a bygone age.

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