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Garage Sale at the Egg Factory

There is a garage sale at the Egg Factory in Hebden Bridge today.
The sale is part of the Garage Sale Trail, which is happening all over the UK today, for more details see

Garage Sale Trail
Image Courtesy of

The Egg Factory is located in Hebden Bridge and you can find more details about their own Garage Sale on their website at

Have great Fun bargain hunting at the Egg Factory and Any other garage sales you manage to get to today.

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Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015

With England kicking off the Rugby World Cup this evening against Fiji, I am sure all our Blog readers will be happy to know that we stock England Flags and Face Paint here at Silly Billy’s.

We have large flags at £4.99 and car flags at only 99 Pence
England Flags
Come and Celebrate England’s Rugby World Cup Victories with Flags from Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8ET

Rugby World Cup 2015

See the Winners and Losers of Rugby Union through Various Sports Channels
Starts: 09/18/2015 20:00
Ends: 10/31/2015
Duration: 2 hours:
Twickenham, London

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Must Have Toys 2015

Must Have Toys 2015

Here at Silly Billy’s we do not tend to go with the flow of what is happening in other parts of the Country but here are some of our Top Five products for this year, in no particular order:

  1. TY Beanie Boos, always a great seller, and still only £4.99:
Beanie Boos
All Boo’s ONLY £4.99

2. Lego Star Wars at Silly Billys, read more

3. Playmobil Specials, these are always popular and still only £2.99

Playmobil Specials

4. Schleich Animals and Figures: The Schleich superheroes range ran out in no time, we bought more and they have run out again. Schleich is always popular and we will be bringing in much more Schleich at Silly Billy’s for Christmas 2015

5. Green Toys: The Green Toys range has been immensely popular. The toys are environmentally friendly, made of recycled materials, and incredibly robust, like the Tonka Toys of Old.
green-toys-ferry-boatThat is a short-list and we have many many more toys available here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop including:

Pocket Money Toys for 50p and toys for under £1

Sylvanians here now and starting to become well established again at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop.

Flying Toys

Kaloo for New Borns

Orchard Toys at Silly Billy’s, starting at Only £4.99

If you wish to know any more or contact us about any thing then please use this form:
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Filming At Silly Billy’s


On Tuesday 15th September 2015 the BBC film crew came to Silly Billy’s to do some filming for the forthcoming “Happy Valley Season 2” which is situated in and around Hebden Bridge, and within the Calder Valley.

If you have not seen Season 1 of Happy Valley then  you can buy it from either Amazon or Google, as far as a brief search on the interweb goes I did not find a DVD from the Beeb.

Bill stated that the shop-keeper that was acting had about as much clue about shop-keeping as Bill himself did about Directing a BBC production. Nonetheless, the toy shop-keeper actor, and all involved were very pleasant to work with, said Bill.

The crew re-decorated the Toy Shop Window and Bill has decided to leave it as is for now as it is quite different from how he would normally dress the window.
HAPPY VALLEY Season 2 Window

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TY BEANIES Refreshed


The TY Beanies range always sells well at Silly Billy’s.
Our latest TY delivery in August went in a flash.
We now have more TY Beanies and TY Keyrings in Stock.

TY Beanies

TY Beanies at Silly Billy’s
Brand: Beanies
Manufacturer: TY
£4.99 New
    • Brutus The Dog
    • Muffin The Cat
    • Dougie The Dog
    • Cinder The Dragon
    • Tabitha The Cat
    • Sophie The Cat
    • Maddie the Dog
    • Leyla The Sheep
    • Nadya The Monkey
    • Audrey The Monkey
    • Olga  The Monkey
    • Boris  The Monkey
    • Cinder The Dragon

      Beanie Boos

Then we have Boo Key Clips at £2.99 in:

  • Maddie The Dog
  • Cinder the Dragon
  • Pegasus – Unicorn
  • Icy Seal
  • Glider penguin

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Sylvanians Replenished and Restocked

Did you know that we stock Sylvanian Families here
at Silly Billy’s 
Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families, All NEW at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop
Brand: Sylvanian
Manufacturer: EPOCH

We have re-introduced the Sylvanian range after some absence from the shop and the little furry fellows (as Bill terms them) are flying out of the door.
If you are looking to buy Sylvanian Families from a reputable independent toy shop then look no further than Silly Billy’s Toy Emporium in Hebden Bridge, HX7 8ET

The little furry fellows will be here all year

Sylvanian Families
FROM £2.99

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Lego Ideas – The Nautilus

Being a bit older than some and young than others, born when England won the World Cup and now working hard at Silly Billy’s. One of my favourite things is LEGO. The Lego development team work really hard and I love their dedication on the web and development of various websites like Lego ideas

I have talked about Lego Ideas before, and the project that has caught my eye today is inspired from Jules Vernes, 20,000 Leagues under the sea, and the submarine popularised in the book and later the film, made 12 years before I was born:-
20,000 Leagues

If you would like to support this project then please register on the Lego ideas website and use the link below to show your support: and the developers website is here:

If you have any Lego Ideas yourself or are interested in writing a little bit on Lego or your favourite Lego Set on this blog then simply get in touch with me and I will assist in publishing your work:-
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All NEW Playmobil at Silly Billy’s

Playmobil Delivery September 2015

Silly Billy’s is one of best places to buy Playmobil in Yorkshire.
We have recently received a large Playmobil Order here at Silly Billy’s and it contains the following Playmobil goodies:


  • Boy with Racing Cart 4759
  • Boys with Racing Bike 4780
  • Mother with children 4782
  • Celebrity With Award 4788
  • Samurai with Weapon Stand 4789
  • Girl with Pony 5291
  • Knight with Weapon Stand 5409
  • Pirate with Cannon 5413
Playmobil Specials

Also we have lots of other Playmobil including:

  • Family Motorhome 4859
  • Bunny Hutch 5123
  • Dog House 5125
  • Horse Care Station 5225
  • paddock with Horses and Foal 5227
  • Fire Chief’s Car with Lights and Sound 5364
  • Pet Examination Room 5530
  • Horse with X-Ray Technician 5533
  • Turtle Enclosure 5534
  • Cat Family with Basket 5535
  • Ambulance with Siren 5541
  • Playgroup 5570
  • Giant Troll with Dwarf Fighters 6004
  • Hawk Knight’s Battle Cannon 6038
  • Castle Ghost with Rainbow LED 6042
  • Tow Truck 6791
  • Tractor 6794
  • Man with Water Raft 6795

Buy Playmobil in Yorkshire

And Playmobil Carry Cases

  • Shop 56117 at £9.99
  • Wildfire 56287 at £9.99
  • Ninja 56297 at £9.99
  • Food Shop 56317 at £9.99
  • Police 58917 at £9.99
  • Pirates 58947 at £9.99
  • Fairy 59957 at £9.99

If you are interested in our Older Playmobil posts then simply search Playmobil in the search bar top right or:
Playmobil 1
Playmobil 2
Playmobil 3
Playmobil 4
Playmobil 5

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Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars at Silly Billy’s:-

Recently Silly Billy’s has received a delivery of ALL NEW Lego Star Wars, including the new build-able figures range of figures.

Lego Star Wars 75112 ALL NEW General Grievous

General Grievous

Lego Star Wars 75109 ALL NEW Obi Wan Kenobi Buildable Figure


Lego Star Wars 75107 ALL NEW Jengo Fett Buildable Figure

Jango Fett

Lego Star Wars 75110 ALL NEW Luke Skywalker Buildable Figure


Lego Star Wars 75108 ALL NEW Clone Commander Cody Figure


Lego Star Wars 75111 ALL NEW Darth Vader Buildable Figure

Darth Vader

Lego Star Wars 75100 ALL NEW First Order Snowspeeder

First Order Snowspeeder

Lego Star Wars 75101 ALL NEW First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Lego Star Wars 75101

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens film is released on 17th December 2015 and looks to be a really good film, there’s a preview on IMDB
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