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Playmobil Advent Calendars 2015

Advent Calendars

Do you want to buy your children something fun and interactive for Christmas that won’t be gone in sixty seconds or potentially cause dental problems?
Why not look at buying them a Playmobil Advent Calendar:
Playmobil 5494
or in the case of older children, adults (me included) why not consider the alternative Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.

The Playmobil Advent Calendar, Santa’s Workshop 5494 is available NOW at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, don’t leave purchase to the last minute as stocks of these and the Lego Star Wars Calendar are limited. Last year we heard of a customer paying double for a Lego  Advent calendar on EBay around 29th November !!

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NEW IN – Hex Bugs

Recently we have received for Christmas some Hex-Bugs, Hex Bugs are great and fun for young and old.
I even manage to have some fun with some Hex Bugs on rainy days.

Hex Bugs are new to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and we have:

  • Hex Bug Nano’s
    Behave like Real Bugs
  • Now with Tap on Tank wake up sensor and inner LED glow!Building off the wildly popular HEXBUG AquaBot™ Shark and Clownfish, comes HEXBUG AquaBot™ 2.0, available in two styles, the Angelfish and Hammerhead Shark, and ten translucent colors. The AquaBot™ 2.0 swimmers are equipped with an inner pulsating LED glow and a hi-tech sensor allowing you to wake the sleeping fish by tapping on the tank. Styles and colors are selected randomly.
  • HEXBUG AquaBot™ with Fish Tank, as above and with a tank to put water in

Hex Bug nano


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Lego 2 of 2

Lego Christmas 2015, 2nd Delivery

We wrote about our Lego Christmas Delivery 2015 here at Silly Billy’s in an earlier post, we are rapidly stocking up our Lego for Christmas 2015 and in light of a post I wrote yesterday when Bill Deakin was interviewed by 5Live to discuss the potential shortage of Lego this Christmas

Well, we are unsure whether it is fact or fiction or perhaps Lego themselves have been so clever as to raise concerns over Production to increase sales. If you wish to listen to Bill on the radio there is a link to the BBC Five Live replay here which will be available from NOW until 20th November 2015. If you don’t want to listen to the whole 3 hours if you start the playback at around 2hrs 53mins then you will be able to here the interview with Bill Deakin and Duncan Titchmarsh of Bright Bricks

If you just want to listen to the interview with Bill and Duncan then there is a file here that hopefully will play OK

In our latest delivery we have some Brand New Star Wars Lego and also some more Minecraft Lego:

  • Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (Star Wars) 75102
  • The Snow Hideout (Minecraft) 21120
  • The Cave (Minecraft) 21113
  • Mining Truck (Technics) 42035
  • Mom and Baby (Duplo) 10585
  • Number Train (Duplo) 10558
  • The Joker Challenge (Duplo Super Heroes) 10544
    10544And we still have some Lego Star wars Advent Calendars left but they are selling Fast.



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Thunderbirds Are Go, Figures and Vehicle Super Set

Thunderbird Vehicle Super Sets

Just in we have Thunderbird Vehicle Supersets containing, TB1, TB2, TB3 and mini TB4. All Four Thunderbird vehicles to complement the Thunderbirds Interactive Tracey Island.

We still have some Thunderbirds Figures and Tracey Islands left at Silly Billy’s but they are selling fast so if you want one or more for your loved one(s) this Christmas then come to the best Independent Toy Shop in the North of England and get yours !!

Thunderbird Vehicle Supersets

Thunderbird Vehicle Superset

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Lego Factories Production Concerns Christmas 2015

Lego Production Issues ?

Lego has become increasingly popular this year and we have increased our sales on Lego thus far this year compared to a similar period last year here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop.
Silly Billy’s is one of the best Independent Toy Shops to buy Lego in West Yorkshire

We are in supply of some of our Lego stock for Christmas 2015 and hope that we can satisfy all the requirements of our Customers but if you are concerned in anyway we would suggest that you shop early for your Lego Gifts here at Silly Billy’s. To read more about this potential Lego Crisis please take a look at this Lego article from the Guardian as supplied by Reuters.

Buy Lego Yorkshire

If you are interested in reading some of past Lego posts try these:

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Playmobil Christmas 2015

More Playmobil for the Festive Season

Did you know that Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is the premier toy shop to buy Playmobil in Yorkshire, perhaps even the UK.
This year our Playmobil delivery has been huge and this is just a selection of the new items we have in store from Playmobil:

  • 4785 Girl with Goats
  • 4786 Treasure Diver
  • 4789 Samurai with Weapon Stand
  • 5184 Police Car with Flashing light
  • 5363 Fire Engine with Lights and Sound
  • 5365 Firefighters with Water Pump
  • 5366 Fire Rescue Crew
  • 5409 Knight with Weapon Stand
  • 5438 Biker at Camp Site
  • 5513 Mother with School Child Duo pack
  • 5515 Police Team Duo pack
  • 5530 Pet Examination Room
  • 5531 Outdoor Care Station
  • 5535 Cat Family with Basket
  • 5541 Ambulance with Siren
  • 5552 Ferris Wheel with Lights
  • 5553 Boat Swings
  • 5555 Sweet Shop
  • 5563 Tactical Unit helicopter
  • 5565 Tactical Unit team
  • 5568 Children’s Playground
  • 5571 Children with Crossing Guard
  • 5573 Mother with Twin Stroller
  • 6002 Wolf Knight’s Castle
  • 6004 Giant Troll with Dwarf Fighters
  • 6038 Hawk Knight’s Battle Cannon
  • 6041  Wolf Knights  with Catapult
  • 6042 Castle Ghost with Rainbow LED
  • 6719 Motorbike
  • 6774 1.2.3. Recycling Truck
  • 6758 Park Playground
  • 6789  Fire Rescue Helicopter
  • 6790 Convertible Car
  • 6793 Farmer with Wheelbarrow
  • 6794 Tractor
  • 6796 Girl with Dog
  • 54947 Advent Calendar “Santa’s Workshop”
  • 56097 Carrying Case Dragon Knights
  • 56117 Carrying Case Shop
  • 56317 Carrying Case Food Shop
  • 58917 Carrying Case Police
  • 58947 Carrying Case  Pirates
  • 59957 Carrying Case Fairy

2015-10-16 14.22.46 2015-10-16 14.22.57 2015-10-16 14.24.25 2015-10-16 14.24.30 2015-10-16 14.24.43

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Orchard Toys 2015 Christmas

Orchard Toys are Popular at Silly Billy’s

Today we had our large order of Orchard Toys delivered and it was quite a struggle to fit it all onto the shelves. Orchard Toys are very popular at Silly Billy’s and we have an Offer on that if you buy Two Orchard Toys then you will get a FREE Orchard Toy’s Snap, just ask in the shop for more details.
SnapThis offer is available whilst stocks of SNAP last.
These are the Orchard Toys that we received today:

  • Veg Patch Match
  • Robot Run
  • Farmyard Heads and Tails
  • Big Alphabet Jigsaw
  • Shopping List
  • Where’s My Cupcake
  • Flashcards
  • Quack Quack
  • Spotty Dogs
  • Farm Snap
  • Monster Catcher
  • Pick and Mix People
  • Rocket Game
  • Pigs in Pants
  • Yo Ho Ho (Pirate Game)
  • Tell the Time Lotto
  • Match and Spell
  • Red Dog, Blue Dog
  • Old MacDonald’s Lotto
  • Dotty Dinosaurs
  • Farmyard Dominoes
  • Alphabet Lotto
  • Tummy Ache
  • Pop to the Shops
  • Pass the Word
  • Party Party !!
  • Magic Cauldron
  • Alphabet Match
  • Colour Match
  • Farmyard
  • Pets
  • Fairy Tales
  • Rescue Squad
  • Animals Four in a Box
  • Who’s on the Farm?
  • Fairy Cottage
  • Magical Castle
  • At the Stable
  • Big Bus Jigsaw
  • Fire Engine
  • Big Digger Jigsaw
  • Tractor Jigsaw
  • Big Police Car
  • Big Dinosaurs
  • One, Two, Tree
  • Big Number jigsaw
  • Giant Town
  • On the Farm Giant Play Mat
  • World Map and Poster
  • Great Britain and Ireland Map and Poster
  • Orchard Toys Snap

WOW, what a lot of Orchard Toys !!

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Lego 1 of 2


As previously mentioned in another post on Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Blog concerning Christmas 2015: Silly Billy’s is in the process of bringing all our Christmas Goodies into the shop. This week we received the first of our two massive Lego deliveries, in this delivery we have:

  • 10615 My First Tractor (Duplo)
  • 10618 Duplo Creative Building Kit
  • 10616 My First PlayHouse (Duplo)
  • 10608 Spiderman Spider Truck Adventure (Duplo)
  • 10607 Spiderman Web-Bike Workshop (Duplo)
  • 10587 Duplo Cafe
  • 10700 Green Baseplates
  • 31037 Adventure Vehicles
  • 31028 Sea Plane
  • 31033 Vehicle Transporter
  • 60090 Deep Sea Scuba Scooter
  • 60092 Deep Sea Submarine
  • 60093 Deep Sea Helicopter
  • 60095 Deep Sea Exploration Vessel
  • 70746 Condrai Copter Attack
  • 70747 Boulder Blaster
  • 60091 Deep Sea Scuba Scooter
  • 70734 Ninjago Master Wu Dragon
  • 70737 Ninjago Titan Mech Battle
  • 75099 Star Wars Rey’s Speeder
  • 75900 Scooby Doo Mummy Museum Mystery
  • 76036 Superheroes Carnage’s Shield Sky Attack
  • 60086 Lego City Starter Set
  • 60065 ATV Patrol
  • 60053 Race Car
  • 60055 Monster truck
  • 60042 High Speed Police Chase
  • 75111 Star Wars Darth Vader
  • 75100 Star Wars First Order SnowSpeeder


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Depesche Top Model Oct’ 15

A new delivery of Depesche Top Model has recently arrived at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, we love Top Model here and it has become one of our Top Sellers since it’s introduction just over 18 months or so ago.
Depesche Top ModelThis is what we have recently had delivered

  • Horses Dreams Hairbrush
  • Create Your Minimoomi Colouring Book (Popular)
  • Yivis World Colouring Book
  • Yivis Jewellery Box (Popular, limited stock)
  • Yivi and the Minimoomis Gel Pen Set
  • Create Your Top Model Design Studio
  • Create Your Sweet Home Colouring Book
  • TopModel Glitter Gel Pen Set
  • Miss Melody Ball Pen
  • TopModel Tweezers and Nail File
  • Create Your Funny Farm Colouring Book
  • Create Your Glamour Special Colouring Book
  • TopModel Sticker Album
  • Colouring Book – Create Your Castle
  • TopModel Neon Colouring Pencil Set
  • TopModel Dance Colouring Book
  • TopModel Magic Fun Colouring Book
  • TopModel Gel Pen Set 3 Metallic Colour
  • Create Your Fantasy Princess Colouring Book
  • TopModel Dress Me Up Sticker Book
  • Miss Melody Dress Up Your Horses Colouring Book
  • Miss Melody Sticker Fun
  • Top Model Friendship Scrap-Book


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