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Lego Christmas 2015, 2nd Delivery

We wrote about our Lego Christmas Delivery 2015 here at Silly Billy’s in an earlier post, we are rapidly stocking up our Lego for Christmas 2015 and in light of a post I wrote yesterday when Bill Deakin was interviewed by 5Live to discuss the potential shortage of Lego this Christmas

Well, we are unsure whether it is fact or fiction or perhaps Lego themselves have been so clever as to raise concerns over Production to increase sales. If you wish to listen to Bill on the radio there is a link to the BBC Five Live replay here which will be available from NOW until 20th November 2015. If you don’t want to listen to the whole 3 hours if you start the playback at around 2hrs 53mins then you will be able to here the interview with Bill Deakin and Duncan Titchmarsh of Bright Bricks

If you just want to listen to the interview with Bill and Duncan then there is a file here that hopefully will play OK

In our latest delivery we have some Brand New Star Wars Lego and also some more Minecraft Lego:

  • Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (Star Wars) 75102
  • The Snow Hideout (Minecraft) 21120
  • The Cave (Minecraft) 21113
  • Mining Truck (Technics) 42035
  • Mom and Baby (Duplo) 10585
  • Number Train (Duplo) 10558
  • The Joker Challenge (Duplo Super Heroes) 10544
    10544And we still have some Lego Star wars Advent Calendars left but they are selling Fast.



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