75097 LEGO Star WARS Advent Calendar IN STOCK

LEGO STAR WARS Advent Calendar 75097 IN STOCK

We had a customer come in yesterday from Lancashire asking for a  Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar product 75097 and telling me they were out of stock in Argos, Tesco’s and a few other places.

75097 OUT of Stock in Argos
75097 OUT of Stock at Lego (retired)
75097 OUT of Stock in Tesco

We have 75097 in LIMITED STOCKS at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and if you want one then I suggest you come to Hebden Bridge and visit our shop TODAY. We are anticipating on SELLING OUT of Lego Star Wars 75097 this weekend

We are also now almost fully stocked for Christmas, we did get some Lego BBC Dr Who Sets  21034 in but they are also selling fast and we feel that Dr Who Sets  21034 will also sell out this weekend.

Additionally at Silly Billy’s have a lot of other traditional toys, Playmobil, Green Toys, Cuddly toys for  New Borns, toys for toddlers and a huge selection of Orchard Toys plus much much more.
Silly Billy’s has the widest selection of Orchard Toys, Playmobil and Lego of any Independent Toy Shop in The North of England.

Come and Visit Hebden Bridge Today, don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute or your Advent Calendar purchase until the weekend of 28th November 2015 as we guarantee you will be disappointed (I am sorry to say)

Playmobil Advent Calendars are also in Stock but again supplies are limited and selling out fast



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