TY Beanies Christmas 2015

TY Beanies Christmas 2015

Silly Billy’s has now replenished their TY Beanies for Christmas 2015. Many of the Beanies brothers and sisters have already visited Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in the past.

We do have one very new Beanie who is called “Freeze”, a penguin with a hat. A red hat in fact which we consider to be quite in line with the Festive Season:

TY Freeze
TY Freeze Beanie
    This is the list of Beanies we now have:

  • Muffin Cat
  • Tabitha Cat
  • Sophie Pink Cat
  • Dougie Dog
  • Cinder Dragon
  • Maddie Dog
  • Specks Elephant
  • Ellie Elephant
  • Slick Fox
  • Speckles Frog
  • Tasha Leopard
  • Glamour Leopard
  • Freeze Penguin
    This is the List of Beanie Clips (key-rings) we now have:
  • Specks Elephant
  • Brutus Boxer Dog
  • Spells Owl
  • Rocco Racoon
  • Pegasus Unicorn
  • Owliver, Owl
TY Beanies Christmas 2015
TY Beanies Christmas 2015

The last TY BEANIE POST from Silly Billy’s


TY Beanies at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop
Brand: TY Beanie
Manufacturer: TY
Model: Beanie
5 based on 110 reviews
£4.99 New

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