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Continuation of Trading

Silly Billy’s is Trading

Dear Shoppers, readers, supporters, local folk and anyone not mentioned,
After a friend of mine asked me for Flashing Projector Globes I went to our storage facility and obtained seven of them for her. So we would like to offer you all the chance to buy products if you wish, the only problem is we do not have an inventory of what we have left due to records lost in the flood.

What we can do as an interim measure is ask you to contact me Robert Williams, through Facebook, or Silly Billy’s Toy Shop through Facebook
OR email Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

You can ring the shop as well and it will be diverted to a mobile phone.

We can supply what we have so if you have knowledge of the stock and lines that we carry then please get in touch with us and we will endeavour to help you out. Even if you don’t then feel free to ask us. We can post stock out to you if you require, simply ask us for anything and we will do our best to supply you.

We are taking a break from Physical Shop and Stock until Monday 4th January 2016 and next week we hope to start a physical pop-up shop  and an online store, although this will take some time to establish so please bare with us.

Stock All Over

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Clean Up Day Three

Silly Billy’s Clean Up Day Three

We spent much of the day moving our stock around and taking stock to our store room in the hope that we would be able to get our floor sorted out, unfortunately this did not happen.

We are a little stymied now for trading as we have faulty electrics, a sodden wooden floor with some large holes in and as a consequence we cannot re-open just yet. We appreciate this must be disappointing for you all and we are trying to find a solution.

Again there were many volunteers from in and out of Hebden Bridge around today and people co-ordinating efforts from the Town Hall. Many thanks again to those who have served the community so well in this difficult time.

The Mess At Silly Billy's
The Mess At Silly Billy’s



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Silly Billy’s is MOVING

Silly Billy’s is Moving

OK folks, there is nothing that can be done in our shop quickly to enable us to start trading again. Consequently, we are moving to temporary storage and new premises soon. The premises will be in or close to Hebden Bridge, so do not fret. Location to be announced later.

Today we cleared our entire shop thanks to the kind support of volunteers and local people, Hebden Bridge Town Hall logistics and so many folk who pitched in to help us move a lot of stock.
Hey, at least the flood event didn’t happen before Christmas or a lot more would have needed to be moved.

We cannot continue at our current location due to issues with the floor so we are going to hopefully have a pop-up shop opening soon to service the needs of our loyal customers. Please follow this blog for updates and look at Silly Billy’s on Facebook as well.

Thanks to Mark Coup for really helping us out with temporary storage at Independent Living Hebden Bridge

Silly Billy's Floor
Wet Floor
30_12_15 (2)
More Wet Floor
Here are some pictures of the moving:
30_12_15 (17) 30_12_15 (21) 30_12_15 (22) 30_12_15 (18)New Storage, poor Spiderman:
Spiderman has Moved
Spiderman has Moved

30_12_15 (27)

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Silly Billy’s Clean Up Day Two

Silly Billy’s Clean Up Day Two

Day Two was spent sorting out the shop more and figuring out what was going on. We are really impressed with way the community has rallied together. Hebden Town Hall staying open all night as a beacon to the Community; various folk serving up free food and free drinks including Marco’s Cafe. People from far away coming and helping clear up both inside and outside the shops.
So to all of you that have helped in any way and continue to help; we would like to say a Big Thank YOU


Especially we would like to Mention Tom and Jenny Greenwood who kindly lent us a dehumidifier, Mark Dean, Electrician, who kindly sorted us out a temporary power supply. Everyone who has popped by bringing us well needed beverages and food. The list is seemingly endless. Michelle upstairs for donating tea bags to the author who was in a sea of coffee drinkers!!

Insurance have visited and told us we need to replace the wooden part of the floor that has been damaged and we are formulating other plans so please watch this space

We would also like to say thanks to Wendy and Ruby-May who dropped us a card in saying:
“Dear Silly Billy,
Don’t give up, don’t give in.
We will continue to support you.
We love this shop,

Much Love,
Wendy, Ruby-May and rest of the community”

That means a lot to us and we appreciate your thoughts at this difficult time, so much love back to you all

Card from Customer
Positive Card Vibes – Thanks

People Helping Clear Damaged Stock

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Clean Up Day One

Hebden Flood Silly Billy’s Clean Up Day One

After the waters subsided we spent a large part of yesterday turfing stock out of Silly Billy’s that was damaged in the Flood. Inventorying stock for insurance purposes and photographing everything possible.

We have heard rumours of brokers not paying out unless an insurance assessor visits before any work is done. Leaving a Toy Shop full of silt and sodden products plus sodden flooring prohibits this we feel. We are hoping and praying that the insurance will pay us out and we don’t have some mammoth battle on our hands as well as having to do all this.

We are hoping to open as soon as we can and one major issue remaining is that our 240v Sockets keep tripping out so we really need to sort that before we can use any electric cleaners or dehumidifiers in the shop. The story continues.

George Mopping
George Mopping


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Hebden Bridge and Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Floods Boxing Day 2015

Hebden Bridge and Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Floods Boxing Day 2015

Picture Courtesy of Marco Nizzardo

Video Courtesy of Andrew Naylor

As the flood waters subside on Boxing Day 2015 our hearts go out to all those affected in Hebden Bridge, on Market Street, and elsewhere in the Country:
market-street-flood-2015Silly Billy’s Toy Shop was badly affected by today’s flooding and we have sustained much stock damage, tomorrow we will be clearing the shop and taking up carpet etc and further assessing the damage done.
It is unlikely we will be trading tomorrow but we hope to back up and running as soon as possible so as not to disappoint any of the boys and girls. Obviously we will have less stock available than there was on Christmas Eve when we closed at 5 30pm. We are shocked by this recent spate of flooding in Hebden and elsewhere and anything we can do to help other shop keepers, house-holders or anyone who has been affected by these recent floods please get in touch.

Please follow this Blog or Sign Up on the left, follow Silly Billy’s on Facebook for updates as we sort out the aftermath of the Boxing Day Floods.

silly-billys-flood-2015 silly-billys-flood-2015-in2 silly-billys-flood-2015-in3 silly-billys-flood-2015-in4 silly-billys-flood-2015-in5


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one and all

It has been a very busy Christmas here at Silly Billy’s and the Blog author would like to thank everyone that reads this blog and comments and who has given feedback this year. Good or Bad, does not matter, all feedback has a place and thanks for spending the time to do it. Bill himself has placed a thank-you in the Hebden Bridge Times and we have updated our blog and facebook headers to reflect the image published there.

Silly Billy’s is on Facebook and Twitter as well and you can follow us there if you wish, blog content shorts are posted to those and other Social Networks and if you follow us then you are sure to be in the loop for the latest Toy News, updates, offers and competitions we have on at Silly Billy’s.  Even better if you subscribe to this BLOG you will be AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED for any future competitions

2016 promises to be an even bigger year and we are planning a website re-design and a new online shop during 2016 as well as being even better stocked than 2015, more Lego please implores this blog’s author. Lego has exceeded our expectations in sales and innovation this year and we are sure to be there with the Danes next year as well. An invite out to Denmark would be nice and we will see if we can win an Independent Toy Retailer category or some other award(s) in 2016

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

If you are still after a bargain then we DO NOT DO SALES at Silly Billy’s but often you can find a steal here in Silly Billy’s Ebay Shop amongst the auction items.
There are some items there now which we are sure you will find very exciting (please share them with your friends)

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year in 2016

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Free Stuff

Everybody Likes Free Stuff – Right ?

We figure everybody likes something for nothing so here at Silly Billy’s we have Free Stuff including Lollies, until they run out. 

What else, Carol Services are free at Christmas and there are a few going on so just take a look at your local Church Noticeboard or website.

Other Free things at Silly Billy’s include a Free Orchard Toys Snap (£7.99) with every TWO Orchard toys Games purchased at the same time and a Free Playmobil Knights DVD here at Silly Billy’s

Christmas Lollies
Christmas Lollies price=free




More free things this Christmas include The Soup Dragon on Christmas Day, free to attend and the food has a small cost. Sure to be fun.

There’s an amazing Free Postcode Lottery online, not like the one you see advertised on Television and you are in with a chance of winning some money by simply follow the link to take a look.
Free Postcode Lottery

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Christmas Weather

The Weather at #Christmas

Usually we expect a little snow here in Hebden Bridge around Christmas, this year though seems unusually mild and wet. This is a shame as we have a lot of sledges in our store-room left over from last year’s Winter Investment and a distinct lack of Snow in and around Hebden Bridge last year.



Perhaps this Year Hebden will have a white Christmas, so far though all that has happened is rain and a flash flood from a lot of rain some nine days ago, some people have said to me, “OMG it’s been raining for weeks..” and my suspicion is that they were not here in 2012 when it appeared to rain all bleedin year !!


Hebden Floods 2015

Hebden Bridge Flood – 12 Dec 2015 – Raw Footage from Rogue Robot on Vimeo.

Floods in Hebden 2012

For more info on the weather in Hebden Bridge see our Nifty Weather App Here

And more videos on the horrendous Summer Floods of 2012 here

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Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitsu

Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

is an American-Danish action comedy family animated TV series that centers on the adventures of six ninja. The series is based on the Lego toy series of the same name.
Random Episode Below

The show is set in the fictional world of Ninjago, a place inspired by Chinese and Japanese myths and culture. The land is divided between Ninjago proper and the Dark Island, where the Overlord formerly resided. It has an underworld, where beings of evil like the Skullkins dwell, together with sacred places where many things are hidden or forgotten (like the Serpentine tombs or the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master). Similar to Lego’s past product line Bionicle, the main characters are in tune with certain elemental properties (the elements in this case being Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Creation, and Water). While featuring several historically designed buildings and traditional clothing, Ninjago is a modern setting incorporating large metropolises with skyscrapers, current-age (and futuristic) vehicles, modern electronics and semi-robotic exo-suits; among other temporal displacements.

We have the following Lego Ninjago Sets Here at Silly Billy’s:
  • Ninjago 70737 Titan Mech Battle £39.99




  • Ninjago 70734 Master Wu Dragon £34.99






  • Ninjago 70746 Condrai Copter Attack £22.99







  • Ninjago 70747 Boulder Blaster £22.99

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