Christmas Weather

The Weather at #Christmas

Usually we expect a little snow here in Hebden Bridge around Christmas, this year though seems unusually mild and wet. This is a shame as we have a lot of sledges in our store-room left over from last year’s Winter Investment and a distinct lack of Snow in and around Hebden Bridge last year.



Perhaps this Year Hebden will have a white Christmas, so far though all that has happened is rain and a flash flood from a lot of rain some nine days ago, some people have said to me, “OMG it’s been raining for weeks..” and my suspicion is that they were not here in 2012 when it appeared to rain all bleedin year !!


Hebden Floods 2015

Hebden Bridge Flood – 12 Dec 2015 – Raw Footage from Rogue Robot on Vimeo.

Floods in Hebden 2012

For more info on the weather in Hebden Bridge see our Nifty Weather App Here

And more videos on the horrendous Summer Floods of 2012 here

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