Hebden Bridge and Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Floods Boxing Day 2015

Hebden Bridge and Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Floods Boxing Day 2015

Picture Courtesy of Marco Nizzardo

Video Courtesy of Andrew Naylor

As the flood waters subside on Boxing Day 2015 our hearts go out to all those affected in Hebden Bridge, on Market Street, and elsewhere in the Country:
market-street-flood-2015Silly Billy’s Toy Shop was badly affected by today’s flooding and we have sustained much stock damage, tomorrow we will be clearing the shop and taking up carpet etc and further assessing the damage done.
It is unlikely we will be trading tomorrow but we hope to back up and running as soon as possible so as not to disappoint any of the boys and girls. Obviously we will have less stock available than there was on Christmas Eve when we closed at 5 30pm. We are shocked by this recent spate of flooding in Hebden and elsewhere and anything we can do to help other shop keepers, house-holders or anyone who has been affected by these recent floods please get in touch.

Please follow this Blog or Sign Up on the left, follow Silly Billy’s on Facebook for updates as we sort out the aftermath of the Boxing Day Floods.

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