Clean Up Day One

Hebden Flood Silly Billy’s Clean Up Day One

After the waters subsided we spent a large part of yesterday turfing stock out of Silly Billy’s that was damaged in the Flood. Inventorying stock for insurance purposes and photographing everything possible.

We have heard rumours of brokers not paying out unless an insurance assessor visits before any work is done. Leaving a Toy Shop full of silt and sodden products plus sodden flooring prohibits this we feel. We are hoping and praying that the insurance will pay us out and we don’t have some mammoth battle on our hands as well as having to do all this.

We are hoping to open as soon as we can and one major issue remaining is that our 240v Sockets keep tripping out so we really need to sort that before we can use any electric cleaners or dehumidifiers in the shop. The story continues.

George Mopping
George Mopping


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