Silly Billy’s Clean Up Day Two

Silly Billy’s Clean Up Day Two

Day Two was spent sorting out the shop more and figuring out what was going on. We are really impressed with way the community has rallied together. Hebden Town Hall staying open all night as a beacon to the Community; various folk serving up free food and free drinks including Marco’s Cafe. People from far away coming and helping clear up both inside and outside the shops.
So to all of you that have helped in any way and continue to help; we would like to say a Big Thank YOU


Especially we would like to Mention Tom and Jenny Greenwood who kindly lent us a dehumidifier, Mark Dean, Electrician, who kindly sorted us out a temporary power supply. Everyone who has popped by bringing us well needed beverages and food. The list is seemingly endless. Michelle upstairs for donating tea bags to the author who was in a sea of coffee drinkers!!

Insurance have visited and told us we need to replace the wooden part of the floor that has been damaged and we are formulating other plans so please watch this space

We would also like to say thanks to Wendy and Ruby-May who dropped us a card in saying:
“Dear Silly Billy,
Don’t give up, don’t give in.
We will continue to support you.
We love this shop,

Much Love,
Wendy, Ruby-May and rest of the community”

That means a lot to us and we appreciate your thoughts at this difficult time, so much love back to you all

Card from Customer
Positive Card Vibes – Thanks

People Helping Clear Damaged Stock

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