Silly Billy’s is MOVING

Silly Billy’s is Moving

OK folks, there is nothing that can be done in our shop quickly to enable us to start trading again. Consequently, we are moving to temporary storage and new premises soon. The premises will be in or close to Hebden Bridge, so do not fret. Location to be announced later.

Today we cleared our entire shop thanks to the kind support of volunteers and local people, Hebden Bridge Town Hall logistics and so many folk who pitched in to help us move a lot of stock.
Hey, at least the flood event didn’t happen before Christmas or a lot more would have needed to be moved.

We cannot continue at our current location due to issues with the floor so we are going to hopefully have a pop-up shop opening soon to service the needs of our loyal customers. Please follow this blog for updates and look at Silly Billy’s on Facebook as well.

Thanks to Mark Coup for really helping us out with temporary storage at Independent Living Hebden Bridge

Silly Billy's Floor
Wet Floor
30_12_15 (2)
More Wet Floor
Here are some pictures of the moving:
30_12_15 (17) 30_12_15 (21) 30_12_15 (22) 30_12_15 (18)New Storage, poor Spiderman:
Spiderman has Moved
Spiderman has Moved

30_12_15 (27)

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