Toy Fair 2016

London Toy Fair 2016

Despite everything that has happened post the Boxing Day Floods we are striving to start our new retail shop in Hebden Bridge in the most spectacular way possible and hopefully to be open in March 2016.

After the devastation caused to us and many business in the Calder Valley during and after the Boxing day floods, we have been petitioning our suppliers for assistance and much to our surprise Lego have come out on Top, the writer and his middle son have a penchant for Lego and we were very surprised when the Toy Making Giant decided to write off our last invoice AND send us some stock for gratis to sell on. So thanks so much Lego, you will be featured well in Silly Billy’s New Toy Shop pictured below.

New Silly billys
Silly Billy’s Proposed New Shop

As well as thanking Lego, there have been some other suppliers that have treated us well, you will know who you are, and we would like to thank you too. Bill is travelling down to the Toy Fair in London in one week’s time, as he does every year, to elicit some more support for Silly Billy’s as one of the last Independent Toy Shops in the UK and personally thank the suppliers that have helped us out.

Additionally we are involved in #calderdalerising and any support that could be shown towards that crowdfunding project would really help us and all the other affected businesses that are involved.
If you wish to show your support for this project through Crowdfunder:

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