Finally, You Can Make A Lego Person That Looks Like You

Playtime just got personal for Lego fans everywhere.

An online business called Funky 3D Faces is creating custom, 3D-printed Lego heads that look like you, for $30 a head.

“EveryBODY loves Lego — this is the opportunity to have their own head made into miniature to fit on to their favourite Lego minifigures,” the U.K.-based Etsy seller’s ad says.


You,too, can fly an X-wing Starfighter from Star Wars. Or at least the Lego version of you can.

Just like ordinary Legos, the heads can be popped on and off of the plastic figurines’ bodies. Customers must submit two photographs — one showing the person’s face and one showing their profile — which are used to create the head.

The mini-me faces are then constructed out of a sandstone material, with a hole at the bottom for head-to-body attachment.

In January, buyers who order two heads can get one for free, according to the seller.

But don’t get ahead of yourself: The bodies aren’t included.

H/T Mashable

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