Lego Is A Better Investment Than Gold

All those parents who got their kids Lego for Christmas arewise heads.

The Telegraph are reporting that investors were able to secure a healthier return buying Lego sets over the past 15 years than from the stock market or gold. Lego sets that have been kept in pristine condition have increased by more than 12 per cent each year. Those fools that have invested in poxy gold have only seen a9.6 per cent annual gain.

An example given is the Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon. In 2007 you could have snapped it up for 342.49, if you were to sell it on today it would fetch 2,712 provided that its in mint condition and still in its box. So no playing with your toys, thats not what they are for.

This is an extreme example, but there are other sets that are worth a small fortune too. The Caf Corner, a model of a hotel that went on sale back in 2007 has risen in value from 89.99 to 2,096. Thats a return of 2,230 per cent.

Theres even a site specifically for those who wish to invest in kids bricks,, which tells you the prices you can expect to get for your set.

So kids, if for some reason youre reading this and are yet to take your Lego out of its box, try and resist temptation as it could be worth quite a bit one day. Or, you know, open your box and go play. In fact, just do whatever you want.

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