LEGO Caved to an Online Petition and Created One of Their Best Minifigs Yet

Lego Disabled Minifigure

1) Everyone’s Welcome!

It was a historic week for toy news last week!

Barbie got a new body (Well, bodies), and thenLEGO got on board with inclusiveness.

2) On The Go

LEGO will debut its first wheelchair-bound minifig in summer 2016 as part of the Fun at the Park set, and parents of disabled children couldn’t be more thrilled.

After an online petition from the #ToyLikeMe campaign gained over 20,000 signatures last year, LEGO heard its audience loud and clear.

The campaign was co-founded by journalist and mother Rebecca Atkinson, who was thrilled when she heard the news.

“LEGO we salute you! You’ve just made a 150 million children, their mums, dad, nans, grandads, teachers, carers, pet dogs and hamsters very VERY VERY happy!,” she wrote on the Toy Like Me Facebook page.

Via: YouTube

3) Fun in the Park

The entire Fun in the Park LEGO set showsall different kinds of people, including another groundbreaking figurine…

Via: YouTube

4) Oh, Baby!

The set even contains one of the first-ever baby minifigs, complete with a stroller.

Now all ages and walks of life are represented!

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5) Check Out The Full Video

German news outlet Zusammengebaut got a full sneak peek of the new LEGO set.

Via: YouTube

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